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The ultralight model aircraft wheels presented by controllineparts are made of elastic and porous rubber, which provides low weight, good stability and cushioning.

The smooth surface of the tires is resistant to fuel and has oil repelling properties.

The hubs are made of durable and light nylon with a secure seat under the inner axle. Nylon has a low coefficient of friction and paired with the steel axis creates a minimum rolling resistance. If necessary, each of the central holes can be drilled into 1-2 mm.

The above properties make these wheels ideal for control line aircraft models. The controllineparts’ wheels are the choice of many professional athletes.

diameter: about 32MM

thickness: 10 MM

inner hole: 1.5 MM

weighs: 1.5 g

Width : 10 mm
Diameter : 1.25 in / 31 mm
Diameter of the axis : 2.0 mm / to 2.5 mm
Weight : 1.6 g
Shipping Weight : 12 g
Shipping packaging : 120x175x10 mm / 4.72x6.89x0.39 in

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