Stalker 66 LT-LS Stunt Engine


Stalker 66 LT-LS 0.66 in / 10.85 cc Control Line Stunt Engine 

  • 0.66 in / 10.85 cc
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The aerobatic micro-motor Stalker 66 LT-LS is an air-model, single-cylinder, two-stroke, glow plug internal combustion engine with cross scavengingand air cooling. The air-fuel mixture is sucked in from the front through a classic brass jet with a steel needle into a hollow crankshaft made of alloyed 12HNZA cemented steel, supported by two steel ball bearings and threaded ¼'x28 for fixing the propeller. The monoblock crankcase of the microengine is made of an aluminum alloy by casting into a metal chill mold.

The cylinder piston group consists of a brass cylinder liner LS-59-1 chrome inside, an aluminum piston made of an AL-26 alloy with a high silicon content, without rings and with a deflector, the steel hollow piston pin Y8A is locked with steel retainer rings, the duralumin connecting rod D-16AT has bronze bushings with slots for lubricant access. The materials of the cylinder liner and piston ensure a sufficiently stable working clearance in a wide range of temperatures of the microengine. The rear aluminum cover is screwed into the crankcase on the thread and has a polyethylene gasket and anodized duralumin case of the D-16AT brand.

The aluminum cylinder head is installed on the brass sleeve from above through the sealing aluminum gaskets and fixed with 6 steel tempered bolts with metric thread M3 mm for 2.5 mm hexagon socket. The engine is equipped with an incandescent plug with a 1/4 'thread and a compact lightweight aluminum alloy muffler which is attached to the engine by two steel bolts M3mm for an internal 2.5mm hexagon socket.

The engine works perfectly in flight mode 4-2-4 at very low revs using a large pitch propeller with a large diameter on fuel containing methyl alcohol - 84%, castor oil - 8% and synthetic 2-stroke oil - 8%. Nitromethane for the engine is used only in very hot weather in an amount of 1.5%. The amount of fuel required to run the engine within 6 minutes, for the pilotage complex - 100 ml³.

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Stalker 66 LT-LS  Stunt Engine

Stalker 66 LT-LS Stunt Engine

Stalker 66 LT-LS 0.66 in / 10.85 cc Control Line Stunt Engine 

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