Sending goods is carried out within 3 working days.

Delivery is made by the Ukrainian national postal operator PAT "Ukrpochta".

 The list of countries where the delivery is carried out:

The list of countries with national postal operators, of which Ukrposhta on a bilateral basis exchanges the status of delivery of international postal items, is available here.

Now you can track and trace: international parcels in 180 countries.

Max. weight of delivery: up to 30kg.

Max. overall dimensions: any side up to 60 cm, the sum of all dimensions is less 90 cm.

For rolls: the sum of the length and the double diameter of rolls is up to 104 cm, and the longest dimension - 90 cm.

Shipping Cost (US dollar):

0-250 g - $ 4 + $ 1 (Packing and track number)

250-1000 g - $ 13 + $ 2 (Packing and track number)

1000-2000 g - $ 19 + $ 2 (Packing and track number)

Every next 1000g (full and not complete) - $ 9.5

Additional costs: Packing and track number.


Sending Timeframes

Your attention is the average actual sending dates for international postal items.

Within the framework of the Universal Postal Union, which includes 192 postal operators, postal conventions do not provide fixed deadlines for forwarding.
The given terms can be used as indicative.
The national mail offices of the world make every effort to deliver the parcels as soon as possible.
Services are provided within the framework of the Order and terms of service of the forwarding of international postal items.

* In the winter holiday season delivery of postal items may take longer.