LINES 0.0145 IN 61 FEET 3 STRAND 50 LB


 READY TO USE BRASS STEEL CONTROL LINES 0.0145 IN (0.38mm) 61 FEET (18.6m) 3 STRAND 50 LB (22.7kg)

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   When we started Control Line Parts, we had an objective to bring together manufacturers that create innovative CL components and make them available to pilots in an easy, fast way. That is why we are on Amazon: we analyzed the most basic component of CL models and looked for ways to improve it.

   Our first product: control lines! We found lines with the lowest amount of stretch and higher pull rating than a typical control line. We improved the storage reel to provide a way to hold line ends without bending them while in storage. We don’t rely on line pull rating declared by manufacturers and which are based on tests done on a prototype 30-40 years ago. Every set of lines we sell is pull tested by us to ensure the lines comply with the required ratings.

   So why do you need lines of various lengths!? Proper line length is an essential part of trimming your model. Yes, model trim is not just about CG, tip weight or lead-out position! It is just as important that you have proper line length. If it is too long, controls will feel mushy or the model will float in overhead maneuvers. If it is too short, you will have too much line tension or too little time to react.

   That is why we created a kit to give ultimate flexibility in line lengths. While you are free to create line ends using any method you like, we strongly recommend that you use methods defined by the AMA and FAI rules only.

Term of use:

After use, wipe with a dry cloth and spray with PDMS-20.

Storage condition:

Store in a dry, ventilated place.

Do not store in a plastic bag.

Brand : Controllineparts
Length of lines : 18.60 m / 61 feet
Line diameter : 0.367 mm / 0.014 in
Max. strength : 22.7 kg / 50 lb
Strand : 4 pcs
Lines : 2 pcs
Plastic spool : 105 mm / 4 in
Packing Width : 115 mm / 4.53 in
Packing Length : 165 mm / 6.5 in
Packing Height : 15 mm / 0.6 in
Weight : 85 g / 2.95 oz
Shipping Weight : 95 g / 3.35 oz
Shipping packaging : 162x229x20 mm / 6,38x9,02x0,79 in

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LINES  0.0145 IN 61 FEET 3 STRAND 50 LB

LINES 0.0145 IN 61 FEET 3 STRAND 50 LB

 READY TO USE BRASS STEEL CONTROL LINES 0.0145 IN (0.38mm) 61 FEET (18.6m) 3 STRAND 50 LB (22.7kg)

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